Educational mission of the "Expedition" Club to Volos

Educational mission of the "Expedition" Club to Volos

May 10, 2024

Within the framework of the Athens College High School Expedition, a group of 19 students accompanied by the teachers V. Gavera and N. Kollias visited three schools in the city of Volos, which suffered serious damage during the disastrous floods of September 2023. Specifically, we visited the Mourtzoukou complex, where the 7th and 9th High School and the 6th General High School of Volos are housed. The Athens College High School Student Council offered the three schools logistical equipment and sports material.

Upon our arrival at the Mourtzoukou complex we were officially welcomed with songs from the choir of the high schools and events in a simple and very warm ceremony. We enjoyed the hospitality of the teachers and students of the three schools, toured the damaged areas, exchanged gifts and then took part in a friendly basketball match with our classmates from Volos. The separation was difficult. But we exchanged contact details and mutual promises for future cooperation.

Regarding the cultural part of the mission, we visited the traditional settlements of Portaria, Makrinitsa, and Milies, while visits were also made to important sacred and cultural sites (I.N. of Pammegiston Taxiarchon of Milies, Museum of the City of Volos, Museum of Milies of Pelion, Public Library of Milies of Magnesia "Psyche Akos").

Undoubtedly, this year's Excursion was a special experience for all of us.