College Weekend Family & Sports! 2016

May 15, 2016
College Weekend Family & Sports took place on the Psychico campus the weekend of May 14 & 15, under the aegis of the Athens College-Psychico

College Weekend Family & Sports took place on the Psychico campus the weekend of May 14 & 15, under the aegis of the Athens College-Psychico College Alumni Association, the Athletic Advisory Committee, the Department of Physical Education & Sports, and the Parents Fund Drive Committee.


The Department of Physical Education & Sports organized the following events:

14th Annual Collegiada

Students, Parents, Staff and Alumni participated as members of basketball and volleyball teams, in individual and team sports such as track and field, swimming and table tennis, creating a pleasant, warm, collegial and, above all, sports weekend.   During Collegiada, six (6) new track records were achieved in various age categories.


Junior Collegiada

Our young 1st and 2nd grade students took part in recreational and sports activities such as relay races and wipe out.  Students in grades 3 and 4 enjoyed soccer, basketball, handball, dodge ball and hockey matches, all for the sole purpose of having fun, without winners and losers.


Junior Collegiada concluded with a simulated traditional torch relay: a relay race in which the baton is symbolic of the Olympic torch.  Each child - torchbearer carried forth the message, spirit and values of Olympism: the concept of fair play – “the beautiful, the great and the true.”


In all, three hundred fifty (350) students, teachers and parents took part.


The event was realized by the Department of Physical Education in collaboration with the Administrators and teachers of our Elementary Schools.


We wish to especially thank KAE A.E.K. basketball players Loukas Mavrokefalidis, Dimitris Katsivelis, Malic Hairston and Marc Antonio Carter for their voluntary participation.



Psychico Campus Run

Distance races, 5 km for adults and Junior High – High School students and 1 km for Elementary School students, were held on HAEF’s Psychico campus, with the start and finish taking place at Stephanos Delta Stadium.

Runners of all ages, many of whom are members of the College family, participated, and all were given commemorative medals.

At both Collegiada and Psychico Campus Run, medical coverage was offered pro bono by the Hellenic Red Cross Samaritans whom we thank for their voluntary services.

Equally, the College’s Physical Education faculty members offered their services voluntarily in the organization of all events.

See the results (in Greek):

Swimming – Track & Field

Psychico Campus Run