The competitive programs of HAEF’s varsity teams are targeted for talented and gifted children in order to further stimulate their interest in sports.

Students selected from the first years of Elementary School are trained by qualified Physical Education teachers and steered toward competitive sports activities. Our young athletes are given an opportunity to try their hand at a variety of sports up through Junior High School grade 7.  By 8th grade, they must select two sports (usually one team and one individual) in which they receive specialized training and in which they concentrate their efforts up through the end of their High School career.

Our varsity teams participate in the following competitive programs:

Ministry of Education Championships

Competitive events are organized by the Ministry of Education for High School, Junior High School and Elementrary School athletes/teams.
In High School, competitions are at a national level, whilst for Junior High and Elementary Schools, at a prefecture-level.

Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Handball, Classical Sports, Races on Uneven Terrain (Cross Country), Swimming, Tennis, Ping-Pong, Wrestling, Gymnastics, and more.

A.S.I.S. Championships (Athletic Conferences of Private Schools)
These are private schools’ championships for all school levels, held during the course of the school year.

Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Soccer, Classical Sports, Swimming, Tennis and Gymnastics.

Intra-league Championships (in selected sports)
Athens College – Psychico College teams participate in intra-league championships that are organized by sports federations that are overseen by the General Secretariat of Sports.

In recent years, Athens College – Psychico College has had great successes in Classical Sports and Volleyball.

Special events - tournaments
The varsity teams participate in tournaments within Greece and abroad with a view to providing its members with experience in competitive sports and expanding athletic and humanitarian relations among athletes.

The Greek Folkdance Club, where students from the first primary grades through the last high school grades receive training, operates within the context of varsity teams.