The Athens College Experience

At Athens College we offer a unique experience to everyone in our community - students, their parents, and faculty  - by providing a variety of activities inside the classroom and beyond. 

With a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities and a social outreach program, students can choose that which interests them, discover themselves and their talents, cultivate relationships with classmates and find their niche in school life.

We encourage parents to stay in close contact and to collaborate with the School. We organize series of lectures and seminars for them to address issues that may arise both inside and outside the School so that they can support students from home during their journey at Athens College.

We invest in the training and professional development of our faculty to help them effectively carry out their demanding task. To ensure that they stay informed and apply the most contemporary educational practices that will keep our students inspired.

Our objective is for students, parents and faculty to have a sense of belonging and to share a common vision and common values. To strive and to perform to the best of their abilities, each doing their part to fulfill the College mission.

Student Life by the numbers