Introductory Seminar for Newly Hired Teachers

Oct 20, 2021

A 10-hour online seminar for newly hired 2021-2022 Athens College faculty was held over the course of Friday, October 15, and Saturday, October 16.  The seminar was conducted in collaboration with the College of Education and Human Development of the University of Delaware. The seminar entitled Creating an Optimal Learning Environment through Engaging Lesson Planning and Strong Classroom Management was implemented as part of the support Athens College offers its teachers to perform at their best. 

The speakers were:

Dr. Jaquelyn O. Wilson, Assistant Professor in the School of Education, University of Delaware and Director of the Delaware Academy for School Leadership

Dr. David W. Santore, Associate, Senior Leadership Specialist, Delaware Academy for School Leadership 

Dr. Amy Grundy, Senior Leadership Specialist in the Delaware Academy for School Leadership (DASL), of Delaware