Music program

The Music Program ranks top among similar school programs in Greece. It aims at cultivating students' aesthetic education, activating their ability to express themselves and explore their musical preferences, fostering creativity, imagination and the development of musical skills. Experiencing music is at the heart of the informal teaching practices used.

The Music Program consists of a number of ensembles: the College Symphony Orchestra, the Unplugged Orchestra, the Choir, the Wind Band, the Children's Opera and the Musical Theater Group. All Athens College ensembles have collaborated with some of the renowned music ensembles of the country (Athens State Orchestra, ERT National Symphony Orchestra, TANGartO Music Ensemble) while College alumni who chose to study music have been admitted to top universities, such as Curtis Institute of Music and Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln.

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The School also hosts a state-recognized Conservatory providing high level music education to more than 230 registered students, including current Athens College students, College alumni and students from other Schools. In recent years, the College Conservatory has significantly increased the number of its students and is now one of the “large" Conservatories in the country with its graduates going on to obtain degrees at national (Degree, Diploma) and international level.

Conservatory students and teachers have a strong artistic and social activity, expressing and representing the Athens College ideals. Each year, dozens of student and professional concerts are held, including concerts in support of social causes, such as the College Scholarship Program, the ELPIDA (Hope) Association of Friends of Children with cancer, the Hellenic Cancer Society, civil society organizations and hospitals etc. Students and teachers often participate also in the School musical ensembles This activity led, in 2016, the Conservatory professors to establish the "Athens College Ensemble", a professional classical music ensemble.

In addition to the official curriculum designed by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the College Conservatory offers comprehensive curricula designed by international organizations such as the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) to support its students in their efforts to enter foreign universities. Success rates of students’ participation in ABRSM exams reach 100%.

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The year 2019-2020 Athens College paid tribute to Beethoven with "Beethoven's 250-year Anniversary Festival”, bringing together renowned Greek soloists who performed alongside music teachers and the School and College Conservatory students and graduates.