Meaningful community service program

Every year we partner with tens of local and global NGOs to give students hands-on, service learning opportunities and encourage volunteerism and philanthropy. This effort is aligned with the College’s longstanding tradition of benevolence, social solidarity and effort to give everyone access to education. These opportunities are included under but not limited to the following main pillars.

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Main pillars

This pillar is about the collaboration between the School and large communities (local, regional, national, global) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity. Actions under this pillar include the School Project, the Speak Truth to Power Program, the We Act Because We Care project (collection of plastic bottle caps enough to offer thirteen wheelchairs and a special wheelchair lift to children and fellow citizens in need) and others. 

This pillar is about active and meaningful learning from and sharing of information around issues with different segments of a community to enhance knowledge, skills and behaviors. Actions under this pillar include advocacy in raising awareness campaigns such as for visually impaired individuals, forensics, speech competitions, MUN and others.

This pillar is about the voluntary action of an individual student or a group of students as proactive and responsible members of the School community with a significant impact on the School's development and the local community. Actions under this pillar include student councils’ initiatives for recycling, reforestation, food donation, most recently donation to support the fight against COVID-19, and others. 

The School Project in collaboration with The HOME Project, which supports unaccompanied refugee children through tutoring and peer-to-peer mentoring on campus. Volunteer teachers offer weekly lessons to more than 30 refugee students, joined in class by volunteer Athens College students from Junior High and High School who act as their peer-tutors and mentors throughout the year. Through the School Project, refugee students work towards social inclusion, discover their talents, develop their strengths, establish life lasting friendships and transfer knowledge and skills acquired to their HOME Project family. Athens College students acquire a broad-based educational experience that instils in them values of active global citizenship, social inclusion, cohesion and participation.

We are deeply grateful to Athens College and to the Shapiro Foundation for enabling us to enhance our child protection model via the provision of equal access to academic opportunities that can transform the lives of the children we care for, enabling them to take their future in their own hands.

Sofia Kouvelaki ’02, CEO of the HOME Project

It is our honor to continue to support the work of The HOME Project to expand access to education opportunities for their students. We appreciate the support from Athens College and inclusion of their students and staff as the HOME Project continues to find innovative solutions for the unaccompanied refugee children they serve.

Ed Shapiro, Trustee for The Shapiro Foundation

 “…[The School Project] has helped me understand people and see the world from different perspectives: the harshness of people, the good in people. I can feel the courage and braveness in the souls as much as the sadness they have experienced. In life I have learnt that we should appreciate what we have and, whenever we can, we must offer our help.”

Athens College Student, School Project Volunteer

The Speak Truth to Power multi-faceted, global, pedagogical initiative, aimed at educating students on human rights, urging them to take actions to protect those rights. The program, funded by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Center, was implemented by Psychico College, under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic and the Marianna V. Vardinoyannis Foundation. It draws on the experiences of human rights activists from around the globe, many of whom have been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize. College students have the opportunity to study a wealth of material and discuss a variety of cases, equipped to design a variety of activities and events.

This pillar is about participation in community events or initiatives, such as the Christmas Bazaar, Panigyri, school concerts, choir, conferences or actions to improve the School, local and wider world environment and support sustainability.