The Teacher Who Had Flights of Fancy

The Teacher Who Had Flights of Fancy

Author : Sofia Mantouvalou
Edition : Patakis
Class name : grades 4 - 6

Does the teacher have wings? “Yes, he has wings!,” declare Mr. Argyris Chysos’s students who have witnessed and accompanied Mr. Chrysos on his flights of fancy.  Democracy in the classroom.

Do students have wings?  “Of course they do!,” retorts the teacher who with flights of fancy and the “children” as accomplices makes his dreams come true.

You haven’t seen anything yet.  And you won’t, if you don’t come across a kingdom without a king, you don’t sign the secret contract, you don’t declare the 3rd confetti war, you don’t make an antibiotic, you don’t reach the edge of the world without leaving your chair, you don’t talk to statues, you don’t hang out with the Muses, you don’t set the parakeets free and you don’t locate the treasure of happiness.

You are sorely mistaken if you think that you will reach the shores of equality, justice and freedom without flippers.

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The Teacher Who Had Flights of Fancy

Author: Sofia Mantouvalou

Publisher: PatakisYear of Publication: 2015Pages: 309

for students in grades 4 - 6