Athens College Elementary School Environmental and Gardening Club at the World Human Forum in Delos

Athens College Elementary School Environmental and Gardening Club at the World Human Forum in Delos

May 21, 2024

On May 14 and 15, 2024 took place the 4th global gathering of the international movement Alpha Mission Delos of the World Human Forum in Delos, titled "Making Space for Life - Space Exploration for Earth Regeneration".

The Environmental and Gardening Club of Athens College Elementary School participated in the second day of the gathering, on Wednesday, May 15. As a member of the Myth2Space network, the Club was represented by Grade 3 student A. Alexandratou and Grade 4 F. Manos. The children, under the guidance of their teacher Ms. M. Giannakopoulou, presented actions on the impact of climate change on the quantity and quality of water on Earth and ways to reduce our water footprint. Together with 10 students from other schools, our students represented the total of 6,000 students participating in the network.

The children's presentation was attended and enthusiastically applauded by important scientists and thinkers, such as Ms. A. Mitsotakis, President and Co-Founder of the World Human Forum, Ms. Nicky Fox, NASA Head of Science, Mr. K. Synolakis, Professor at the Viterbi School of Engineering of the University of South Carolina, member of the US National Academy of Engineering and member of the Academy of Athens, Mr. Dimas, Deputy Minister of Culture, Mr. S. Krimizis, Professor Emeritus in the Space Exploration Sector of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and Principal Investigator on NASA's Voyagers 1, 2, Ms. Kousteni, Planetary Scientist and Research Director of the Exceptional Class CNRS ALPHA MISSION educational constellation, Mr. A. Golemis, Mission Doctor at the European Astronaut Centre of the European Space Agency (ESA), Mr. V. Lambrinoudakis, Honorary Professor of Classical Archaeology of the University of Athens, Mr. H. Babaroutsis, Director of Primary Education of THE Second Department of Athens and others.

The wonderful mystical landscape of Delos was combined with the universal and particularly topical messages of the children. We thank the steering committee of the Myth2Space network for the invitation and the World Human Forum for organizing the event. The experience was unforgettable, congratulations to the children of the Club and to Ms. Giannakopoulou for their participation.