Academic Departments

Academic Departments, which have existed at our School since 1930, are structured and organized along the same lines as those of universities and determined by the area of specialization of the faculty. Their role is to facilitate the planning of courses, while achieving the educational objectives of the College at the Elementary, Junior High and High School levels.

Organization within School Units

Academic Departments in the subjects of Greek Language, English, History and Social Studies, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Informatics, French and German operate at the Junior High and High School levels. 

At the Elementary School level, there are Academic Departments only for English, French and German as grade section teachers undertake the teaching of all other subjects in their respective class. Notwithstanding, in the primary years there are some special subject instructors for classes such as Computer Science, Theater Arts, Fine Arts, etc.

For the subjects of Physical Education and Art, there exist Interschool Departments that are unified for both Athens College and Psychico College and which span across all school units (Elementary, Junior High and High School). 

Coordination of Educational Programs, Strategies and Effectiveness

Teachers belonging to Academic Departments, as well as those belonging to Interschool Departments and those teaching special subjects, meet on a regular basis to coordinate course content, to discuss the direction and methodology used in each course, to discuss student assessment, to propose new programs, as well as to create and publish supplementary teaching materials.

To achieve the most efficient operation of each School unit, all members of its Faculty Association regularly meet with their respective Administration team members to monitor the progress of the School’s educational objectives as well as the progress of their students.  Similarly, teachers of each grade level meet separately with Class Advisors and Administration team members for the same purpose. During these meetings, teachers also have an opportunity to discuss and/or opinionate on assessment criteria and other pedagogical and didactic issues that arise during the course of the academic year.




    The Academic Departments of the College are as follows:

    • Greek Language
    • English
    • History and Social Studies
    • Mathematics
    • Natural Sciences
    • Information Technology
    • French
    • German
    • Physical Education
    • Music