Students participate at the Annual Fund

Our students traditionally participate in the Annual Fund through various activities, supporting our School's Scholarship Program for the provision of Financial Aid to classmates and their families, when needed. These activities are part of a set of social actions that they carry out every year.

You may find here below ongoing and completed activities of Student Communities and/or (groups of) students:

Ongoing Annual Fund Student Initiatives

Ongoing Annual Fund Student Initiatives
An Athens College Elementary School student team is raising money to build a school in the village of Kyereban 2, located near the artificial lake Volta in Ghana, Africa. The school building that already exists is too small to accommodate the 250 students who attend it. See more and support their effort with your gift!

Previous Student Initiatives

Drilling in Ghana with the support of students of the Athens College Elementary School

Jun 12, 2023

The "It's happening" team of Athens College Elementary School, with the help of volunteer Stephanie Grigoriou, managed to successfully complete the drilling project in the village of Ekoso in mountainous Ghana. Students were delighted and enthusiastic to watch the first water pumping live, on May 23. On the last week of school, they presented the completed activity to the entire student community, envisioning their next goal.
Congratulations to the students, teachers, parents, and donors and many thanks to Ms. Stephanie Grigoriou for her valuable assistance.
The "It's happening" student team consisted of nine 6th grade students and a teacher advisor. The members of the team are:

  • Zoi Kaisari
  • Andreas Karagiannis
  • Stavros Kotalakidis
  • Konstantinos Kilikas
  • Artemis Konstantinou
  • Vasileios Labropoulos
  • Polyxeni Liagka
  • Nikolaos Myrillas
  • Eleni Roussounelou

And their teacher: Ms. Marianthi Giannakopoulou