Milestone reunions 50 and 25 years from graduation


The milestone reunions of 25 and 50 years from graduation are especially celebrated by the College. They are considered important landmarks and are hosted by the Athens College President and spouse (usually a finger food reception for the 25 years and seated dinner for the 50 years, both “classmates only”, followed by a commemorative photo shoot on the steps of Benaki Hall). They provide an occasion for a class to revive their memories, celebrate special moments or achievements, honor loved classmates that are no longer with them and leave their mark through their class gift for a cause that best represents them. 

These reunions are organized in collaboration with the Development Office and are celebrated at the company of School senior administration and faculty, including living professors from their School years that the class designates, student ambassadors and/or scholars (eg. of the program the class has chosen to support on the occasion of their reunion), who attend for a special welcome of the class back to School.  As such, some additional steps need to be followed for the organization of the milestone reunions. 

Tradition has it that the celebration hosted by the President is followed by a party (starting after 11 pm, usually at SAKA premises) organized by the class in order to prolong the celebration and make the best of the occasion.

In view of the Athens College 2025 Centennial Campaign and celebrations coming up, the milestone reunions of that year, namely for classes of 1975 (50 years) and 2000 (25 years), will have a special significance. Brainstorming and discussions are already underway this year in order to seize the momentum and ensure that milestone reunions will leave a mark and increase the impact of the campaign.  

Checklist to organize a successful milestone reunion 

  • Meet with the Development Office to set a roadmap, discuss a fundraising cause and coordinate with the President’s Office for date alternatives.
  • Recruit help and get your classmates involved! Create an organizing team to make the process more fun, engaging and representative.
  • Get your updated class contact list copy from the Development Office, update it with help from your classmates and share any updates with the DO for their database.
  • Create a Communication and Time Plan on how you’re going to contact your classmates (social media, letters, e‐mails, or a combination) and when. Consult the Development Office for available tools and other ideas.
  • Make initial contact with your class through e‐mail or social media to alert them that your milestone reunion is up, inform them of the program and processes, set a date early on and send a Save the Date as soon as possible to facilitate also those that live abroad, and start the discussion, spurring enthusiasm.
  • Take the opportunity to organize a party to follow the official event as well as think of and prepare a commemorative gift for your class, according to standard practice.
    Note: The official invitation is dispatched by the College President through eventora with RSVP function. Coordinate with the Development Office for RSVPs to both the event and the party. 
    Tip: Commemorative gifts are meant to be symbolic and low-cost in order not to derail the team from the main class gift cause.  
  • Capitalize on social media for keeping the crowd “warm” and responsive (sharing past photos, memories, engaging members, seeking organization support/sponsors).
  • Identify faculty and staff that were your teachers and administrators while students.
  • Start talking to other class members about giving opportunities and fundraising ideas for your class gift. 
  • Select a cause that would most accurately reflect your class story or special characteristics and sensitivities (possibly in memory of a loved classmate that has passed away or to honor a special occasion that has left a mark with your class). Get inspired! For their milestone reunions in 2019, classes of 1969 and 1994γ-1995Δ chose to support our Libraries and other specific programs respectively. This is the first time that class reunions support a cause other than the Financial Aid Program. See more under Our Priorities here. Other ideas to leave a mark would be to embrace and support other School actions. 
  • Send out information about your class fundraising status and participation -currently as well as historically- and set a target monetary goal.
  • Examine the best ways for your class to raise the amount for the selected cause (party entrance fee, individual giving on-site, individual giving in advance, online giving and memorabilia). 
  • Prompt classmates to give online or through other ways, including recurring gifts, to support the cause or any other cause that is closer to their hearts. 

The milestone reunions of 2020-2021 of Classes of 1970 (50 years) and 1995γ-1996Δ (25 years) did not take place due to the health & safety restrictions. For the Athens College 2025 Centennial milestone reunions of classes of 1975 (50 years) and 2000 (25 years), you will soon be contacted by the Development Office to set the tone and share strategy.