Author : Antri Antoniou
Edition : Metaixmio
Class name : grades 3 - 4

Iphigenia and Alexandros want nothing more than a new bike.  That is why they decide to set up a lemonade stand outside their home, in the hope of selling their product to neighbors and passersby.  Their business proves to be quite profitable after their first day sales.  A pile of coins and a five-euro note isn’t meager.  But, wait… what’s written on their one and only banknote?   Do they see correctly? Who could have written the word “HELP” in large, red letters and why would that person have done so?  The twins will join forces and do everything in their power to discover who may have written this desperate message.  Will they succeed or will they ultimately endanger themselves?


[from the Biblionet database]


Publisher: Metaixmio
Date of publishing: 2017
Pages: 72