What Do You Do with a Chance?

What Do You Do with a Chance?

Author : Kobi Yamada
Edition : Compendium Inc. (English edition)
Class name : Grades 1 -2

What do you do with a chance? Does it seem too big or too elusive? Do you ignore it? Do you let it slip through your fingers?

This is the story about some exceptional chances and the child that wasn’t sure what to do with them.And the more chances that he encountered, the more baffled he felt.Until one day, a little courage makes all the difference…

A story that will inspire you to embrace the chances you encounter in life, and to leave behind your fears and inhibitions.

So, what will you do with your chance? That is up to you!

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What Do You Do With a Chance?

Publisher: Compendium Inc. (English edition)

Year of Publishing: 2018

Pages: 40 



(for students in grades 1 – 2)