Talking with the Heroes of 1821

Talking with the Heroes of 1821

Author : Theodora Loufa-Tzoannou
Edition : Agyra
Class name : grades 5 - 6

“Talking with the Heroes of 1821” follows the Revolution from its first steps, recounting with respect the problems encountered, the great victories a well as the defeats, the disappointments and the willpower of its leaders and of the people, the divisions, the reactions of foreign powers, and the wondrous inner strength of those who dared to stand up against the Ottoman Empire.

The book calls attention to the great achievements of our national heroes, which thanks to Nikolas, the book’s protagonist, become so familiar to the reader that they remain unforgettable.

“Talking with the Heroes of 1821” is the third of the author’s historical series “The Door into Time and History,” which makes past events approachable and endearing.  It follows her earlier books “Konstantinos Palaiologos” and “In the Footsteps of the Filikon (Society of Friends)”.

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Talking with the Heroes of 1821Publisher: AgyraDate of Publishing: 2017Pages: 273for grades 5 - 6