Our School’s Department of Social Welfare and Diversity was established in September 2020.  In collaboration with the Administrations of the Athens College school units and the Schools’ Psychoeducational Department, its mandate is to raise awareness and mobilize students, teachers and parents in matters of equality and social justice. These broad issues are divided into six focal points:

  • Coexistence – Others and Me
  • Migration - Refugees
  • Solidarity – Social Welfare
  • Religious – Racial Diversity
  • Student Social Justice
  • Individual and Societal Diversity

These themes are put forward to students in the following ways:

  • Presentations - seminars
  • Age-appropriate activities
  • Educational counseling
  • Visits to official agencies, organizations, institutions and foundations
  • Screening of short, educational videos that inspire and encourage desirable behaviors

Presentations and seminars are carried out by the Department Head over the course of 12 teaching hours per week, with two sections of students in attendance per teaching hour.

The Department of Social Welfare and Diversity works collaboratively with the School Units’ Administrations and the Psychoeducational Department to:

  • Organize conferences, workshops or seminars on topics related to the aforementioned thematic focal points.
  • Invite distinguished speakers (for students, teachers, and parents) and establishes collaborative relationships with external bodies specializing in related issues.
  • Propose social and charitable actions.
  • Meet with parents and student in cooperation with section advisors.

Many actions of solidarity and community outreach take place at the College, such as Solidarity Day, fundraisers, Home Project for unaccompanied refugee children, support for soup kitchens, Panigyri, Annual Expedition, and more.  These actions are organized in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare and Diversity, which provides information and support to students and teacher-advisors, as well as to the Student Communities and the MYP Service as Action program, so that optimum results can be achieved.

Working Group

Each school unit has appointed an educator and a psychologist, socially sensitive to the above issues, who are part of the Working Group and who are abreast of the latest developments regarding these issues. The Director of Social Welfare and Diversity collaborates with the members of the Group for the coordination of all school activities. 

Gerasimos Pagoulatos: Director of Social Welfare and Diversity

Eleni Pasalidou: Social Welfare and Diversity Department Associate

School UnitsEducatorsPsychologists
AC High SchoolNektaria PapaioannouKaterina Panagiotou
PC/IB DP High SchoolAthanasia AnagnostouMaya Alivisatou
AC Junior High SchoolMatina SpanouEleni Chalkia
PC Junior High SchoolAmarisia VrahogiorgouGeorgia Koumantari
AC ElementaryChrysostomos LefteratosTania Nisioti
PC ElementaryPanagiotis DedesEleonora Sourlaga
J.M. Carras Kindergarten Hara AlexiouAggeliki Christodoulou


All Working Group members are appointed by the respective School's Director and the Interschool Coordinator of the Psychoeducational Department and Psychosocial Health in collaboration with the Director of Social Welfare and Diversity.