IB DP_Information from the IBO about the official May 2022 final exams

May 5, 2022

To parents and legal guardians

of Year 2 students

of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

of the Private High School – Psychico College


 Dear parents,

Following our communication regarding May 2022 IB examination regulations, we would like to share with you an update received by the IB on upholding academic integrity 24 hours before and after sitting an exam. In case a student fails to comply, serious repercussions will ensue. This update has also been shared with our students.

“We are aware that a number of students are sharing exam content via social media channels and servers, this activity poses significant risk to the entire session. This could lead to no students receiving marks for some subjects, or worse - no Diplomas awarded for the entire session.

Where we identify students, the IB will open a formal investigation for malpractice, and students may receive no marks for their examinations or no grade for the relevant subject. As a consequence, no Diploma certificate will be awarded, and students can also be banned from resitting any examinations in the future.

Therefore, it is vital that students must be reminded not to seek, discuss, or share the content of the examination in the 24 hours before or after an exam paper is scheduled.

Students must also be reminded of the importance to report any concerns they may have about any possible academic misconduct they become aware of. Failing to report a known case is also perceived as malpractice.“

We appreciate our students’ commitment during the examination period. We kindly ask your support in reminding them of the importance of upholding academic integrity.

Respectfully Yours,

                Eleni Vasileiou                                                                                      Antonis Apostolou

IB Programmes Director – IB DP Head                                                            IB DP Coordinator