Announcement regarding Psychological Support Available for Children and Adolescents Following the Devastating Fires

Aug 7, 2021

Dear Parents,

This summer, regrettably, finds us facing yet another natural disaster: the wildfires that are ravaging the forests in many prefectures of our country.

All over Greece, many houses have burnt down or have been endangered and some of you have been through difficult times in the last few days.

We would like to inform you that our School stands by your side; School psychologists working in each of the school units are available to offer emotional support to the children and families who have endured extreme stress by the fires.

Those of you who wish may contact Dr. Maya Alivizatou ([email protected]), Interschool Head of the College’s Psychoeducational Department, with whatever related problem you have and you can rest assured that our School will help in whatever way it can.

Wishing you courage in these difficult moments.

Annika Papantoniou, Chairwoman of the Board of Director of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation

Prof. Costas Synolakis, Athens College President 

In related files, read the letter from the Interschool Coordinator of the College’s Psychoeducational Department, Dr. Maya Alivizatou.