Start of Lending Program at Elementary School Library

Jan 15, 2021

Kantza, January 15, 2021



Dear Parents,


We hope you are enjoying good health and maintaining your optimism.


As you are aware, this year the Library began its operation with a modified schedule for all classes.  As such, Library time has been conducted in each respective section’s classroom (homeroom) up to now.


However, because it is our belief that the Library is the “heart” of our School and we want our children to maintain their contact with the space and build up the habit of reading, we announce that starting Monday, January 18, 2021, book lending begins once again.


More specifically, each section will visit the Library every 2 weeks (twice a month), as per the section’s timetable.  The students of each respective section will be the only ones in the Library at the given time.


After each section’s visit, the Library will be disinfected and ventilated in accordance with EODY guidelines.


Once students return the books that they have borrowed, those books will be removed from circulation for 7 days, in accordance with international practice, rendering the lending process completely safe.


When a section doesn’t visit the Library, it will remain in its classroom (homeroom) where research and reading appreciation programs will continue to be conducted.


We are certain that our children will be happy with the news and will respond with a thirst to read the books that they will borrow from our School’s Library.




Loukas Zachos