Distinctions of Junior High School Grade 3 students in “Kath’ imas Anatoli” drawing competition

Feb 28, 2023

Athens College and Psychico College Junior High School Grade 3 students competed in the “Kath’ imas Anatoli” drawing competition held for a fifth consecutive year.

The competition took place on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 in our School facilities.

The following students won awards:

1st Prize:

Konstantina Tyrogala

Athens College 

2nd Prize:

Marinaki Eleni

Psychico College 

3rd Prize:

Kalliopi Sofia Gkika

Athens College 

Honorable Mention:

Dafni Belioti

Athens College 

Honorable Mention:

Maria Petrolia

Athens College 

Honorable MentionEleni PachniotiPsychico College

The “Kath imas Anatoli” art competition was established at the initiative of the alumni of the class of 1963, with the aim of acquainting students with the events that led to the destruction of Smyrna through an experiential activity.