Athens College Junior High School students visit the “Flag of Greece: One Symbol – 200 Objects” exhibition

Mar 10, 2022

Athens College hosts the exhibition “Flag of Greece: One Symbol – 200 Objects” in the scope of the celebrations of “1821-2021: 200 years from the start of the Greek Revolution” ,  exhibiting a range of artefacts from the School’s celebrations. In this way, the School honors the heroes of 1821 who sacrificed their lives to secure a free homeland for future generations, as well as our founders who:

«Dreamed of a school that delivers to society men with a sense of patriotism as well as a sense of humanity, honest personalities, gallant physically and spiritually, trained for the struggles of life…” (St. Delta, 1932)

The exhibition presents the Greece Flag as a source of inspiration for visual arts, music, fashion and design. It is a true journey through the Greek history, focusing on the artistic aspect of the flag. The exhibition is under the auspices of the “Greece 2021” Committee and is organized by the Civil Non-Profit Partnership “Flag of Greece”.

Students from all sections of Athens College Junior High School Grades 7 and 8 visited the exhibition.