With approximately 3,000 enrollments per year, 70 different sections, and 55 professionals-educators, all well esteemed in their respective fields, we offer the oldest and most extensive adult education programs in Greece.  The broad selection of courses ensures that we meet almost everyone’s interests. 

In operation since 1984 at state-of-the art facilities of the College in Psychico, the Adult Programs are open to the general public. They are replete with courses that cover Sciences, Professional Development, Foreign Languages and Culture, Art Workshops and Sports, all of which are taught by renowned professionals.  Each year, new courses are offered and existing ones are updated.  Many of our students re-enroll, boasting a retention rate of over 50%.

 Our goal is to expand the educational horizon of participants, to preoccupy them creatively and to surround them with others who share their interests, aspirations, and mentality.

Adult Education Program Brochure

Sports - Training Brochure