Parents Class Ambassadors

What is a Parents Class Ambassador

A Parents Class Ambassador is the link between the parents of one class section and our School’s Parents Fund Drive (PFD).

With the help of Parents Class Ambassadors, we can spread the message of giving and volunteering in the class of our children and build an even stronger Scholarship Program, thus supporting the continued attendance at our School of students in need of financial support.

Collective participation is our strength.


Mission statement

The mission of the Athens College Parents Fund Drive is to foster community building among parents and with the School and other members of the Athens College community, including students, alumni, alumni parents, faculty and staff, friends; and to serve the mission of the School. The Parents Fund Drive supports the Annual Fund and the Financial Aid Program, helping make sure that no student misses out on the Athens College groundbreaking education and unique life experience for financial reasons.

The role of the Parents Class Ambassador

A Parents Class Ambassador:

  • Connects with the parents of a class section and cultivates a strong bond amongst them.
  • Acts as a liaison between the section’s parents and the PFD.
  • Works closely with the PFD and shares the PFD's news with the section’s parents.
  • Becomes an ambassador of our School’s Scholarship Program, sharing his/her enthusiasm for the program with other parents.
  • Encourages the section’s parents to participate in the PFD’s projects, actions, and events.
  • Collaborates closely with the other Parents Class Ambassadors from the same grade level in order to find the best ways to promote the involvement of all parents in the projects and actions of the PFD.
  • Serves as an example for other parents by contributing to the PFD’s actions and initiatives.

Responsibilities of a Parents Class Ambassador

A Parents Class Ambassador: 

  • Participates once a month in a meeting with members of the PFD, and/or in extraordinary meetings as required, to become informed of the PFD's plans, actions, and initiatives.
  • Organizes and/or participates in meetings with Parents Class Ambassadors of other class sections, as required, aimed at working together to identify the best ways to promote the involvement of all parents in the actions and initiatives of the PFD.
  • Shares with members of the PFD the opinions of the section’s parents on the PFD’s actions and initiatives.
  • Suggests ideas to the PFD for future activities that would be of interest to parents and/or children.
  • Voluntary assists, if desired, in organizing and implementing PFD events.

Why become a Parents Class Ambassador

As a Parents Class Ambassador, you will have an opportunity to contribute to the:

  • Strengthening of the culture of giving, dissemination of the College spirit, and promotion of volunteering.
  • Strengthening of relationships between parents and the School and other members of the College family.
  • Financial support of students whose families face hardships, thus assuring that they may continue their studies at our school.
  • Shaping of active, global citizens by serving as an example and providing impetus to our children to contribute to the whole society, while at the same time making them proud of your participation in the Committee’s undertakings.

If you need more information or just want to share your thoughts and ideas with us, you may contact the Parents Fund Drive members that are responsible per School level and unit (Contact persons) as follows:

Contact person PCAs Kindergarten “I. M. Carras” & AC Elementary: Aspasia Galiatsatou-Polyzoidou M: +30 6932629642
Contact person PCAs PC Elementary: Aikaterini Molfeta-Hatzieleftheriadou M: +30 6944800574
Contact person PCAs AC Junior High School: Fany Petraki M: +30 6977660962
Contact person PCAs PC Junior High School: Victoria Maherianaki-Chasapi M: +30 6936007777
Contact person PCAs AC & PC High School & IB: Noni Vakontiou-Vakirtzi M: +30 6932319131

or the Development Office via phone at +30 210 6798217, 218 or email at [email protected]