Summer Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Scholarship Program was inaugurated in 2019 and offers students an opportunity to study briefly in a foreign country, to get to know new places, new customs and traditions, to interact with similarly-aged children from different countries and make new friends, gaining a more global perspective and cross-cultural understanding.

The programs in which students enroll expose them to different styles of education, enhance their school experiences beyond the classroom, and help them acquire important skills.

They are encouraged to discover themselves and identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop self-confidence, mature, become more independent, get outside their comfort zone and easily adapt to new circumstances. The overall experience made possible by these Study Abroad Scholarships also helps and inspires them in the crucial decisions they will have to make in the future regarding their studies and career path. 

The Program serves the vision of our founders fostering balanced excellence and shaping global citizens. It also fits into the School’s strategic priority to make possible more opportunities to students beyond the curriculum.

Three Summer Study Abroad scholars attended academic programs at Northfield Mount Hermon, the Taft School and Cushing Academy in the United States during the summer of 2019.

Scholar voices

I want to really thank my school and the donor who without knowing me offered me this pleasing chance of being part of the NMH program. I really appreciate this opportunity that was given to me. I would have never thought of visiting America because of the financial problems that my parents face, so I would like to thank all who helped me achieve one of my dreams.

Lyceum student 

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to the donor and the school for offering this huge opportunity to me. This program could be described as a mental, emotional and physical trip that made me discover myself, acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. It made me more mature, it improved me academically and motivated me to achieve more.

Lyceum student 

Through this Program, I met children from USA, Asia and Europe and now I have a lot of friends with whom I talk online. Also I tried new sports and I played tennis. I hope this program is continued for other children to have this amazing opportunity.

Lyceum student