Merit Awards


To honor and strengthen the longstanding tradition of recognizing and encouraging students’ superior academic achievement midway through their studies, in 2018 Athens College established the Merit Awards. Merit Awards are given to students in Grade 9 (3rd Gymnasium) and Grade 11 (B’ Lyceum) performing at the very top of their class based on their cumulative grades of the past two years, as well their overall ethos and conduct. Students receive a certificate of achievement at an annual ceremony, and a symbolic monetary award that is applied to their tuition for the current academic year. 

The establishment of Merit Awards adds to the related historic student distinctions already in place. 

Naming Opportunities: Donors may make a gift to underwrite Merit Awards for one year. The gift will cover four Merit Awards. 

Gift payment options to cover Merit Awards for one year include:

  • Expendable restricted gift of €4.000 to be paid outright or pledged to be paid prior to the Merit Awards ceremony.
  • Endowed restricted gift to for four Merit Awards in perpetuity, paid outright or pledged to be paid over a period of up to 3 years from the date of the agreement. In either case, part of the payment will be made with the approval of the grant. The fund will be activated when the gifted amounts are equal to or greater than 50% of the fully endowed fund. To learn more, you may contact the Development Office at +30 210 698217 or email [email protected].

Gifts of any size in support of the Merit Awards are welcome. These gifts are added to the respective Fund. They may also add up to fully fund one Merit Award, which amounts to €1.000.

Your support rewards outstanding academic achievement and fosters excellence.