Impact of the Annual Fund Holiday 2020 e-appeal

Feb 13, 2021

You made someday… TODAY! The tremendous outpouring of generosity of the Athens College family was inspiring. Within one month, 600 donors helped raise more than €100.000 providing scholarships for 14 students. With your support, 12 senior students will walk down the steps of Benaki Hall at Commencement 2021 and 2 students will continue their studies at the College.

You light the way of our students’ paths. You give them the opportunity to continue their studies at Athens College and benefit from the singular education it provides. You help to prepare them for life with the values and knowledge attained at the College. You enable them to experience the unique and powerful moment of graduation, engraved in the minds and hearts of all our alumni. Your act of solidarity makes a difference and sets an example for others to follow.

Collective participation is our strength. See more here

See the Annual Fund Holiday 2020 Digital Donor Wall here