Athens College confers Merit Awards upon currently enrolled students of the School who distinguish themselves for their excellent academic performance, as well as their overall ethos and conduct.  These awards are granted to students in Junior High School 9th grade and High School 11th grade based on the following criteria:

  • Their cumulative grades of the previous two years (1st and 2nd year of Junior High School for 9th grade students and 3rd year Junior High and 1st year of High School for 11th grade students).
  • “Excellent” conduct (by an act of the Faculty Association).

A Merit Award is granted for each school unit (Junior High and High School) of Athens College and Psychico College.

In the event of a tie in students’ GPAs, then all students who qualify are granted Merit Awards.

Each student is given a Certificate of Excellence as well as a monetary prize of 1,000 euros that is applied towards the recipient’s College tuition fees the following academic year.

In the event that a student who receives a Merit Award is already the recipient of a full scholarship, the monetary prize can be applied towards the fees of afternoon and summer programs offered by the College.