Panhellenic U20 Track and Field Meets

Sep 17, 2023

On September 16-17 2023 the Panhellenic Track and Field Meets for Men-Women U20 was held in Patras. A total of 20 athletes from Athens College competed as members of the SAKA team and won 1st place in the overall score with 175 points.

The first six places of the event were won by:

  • Gerasimos Kampitsis (SAKA) in 100m run, with 10’’78 (1st place) and 200m run, with 21’’49 (1st place)
  • Marilia Mpourtzou (IB1), Kalliopi Patera (Athens College Grade 11), Nelly Floutakou (Athens College Grade 11), and Eleni Rodopoulou (SAKA) in 4x400m Relay (1st place)
  • Athanasios-Marios Zigouris (SAKA), in 1.500m run with 4’04’’24 (2nd place)
  • Ioannis Bitounis (IB1), in 3.000m run, with 8’51’’15 (2nd place) and 1.500m run with 4’05’’47 (4th place)
  • Nelly Floutakou (Psychico College Grade 11), in 800m run, with 2’14’’39 (2nd place)
  • Christiana Votsi (IB1), Dorothea Ivits (Psychico College Grade 11), Konstantina Paschalidou, Eleonora-Maria Papadopoulou (Athens College Grade 11), in 4x100m Relay, with 50’’51 (3rd place)
  • Eleni Rodopoulou (SAKA), in 400m hurdles, with 1’06’’84 (4th place)
  • Georgios-Spiridon Lagkadianos (Athens College Grade 12), in 110m hurdles, with 15’’35 (5th place)
  • Panagiotis-Georgios Zigouris (SAKA), in 1.500m run, with 4’06’’22 (5th place)
  • Konstantinos Gondicas (Athens College Grade 11), in 3.000m run, with 8’57’’04 (5th place)

See the results (in Greek)