Speech by Former President of the Republic P. Pavlopoulos on the National Anniversary

Mar 24, 2021

As part of Athens College’s celebrations to mark the March 25th National Anniversary, on March 24, 2021, former President of the Republic and Professor Emeritus of the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, gave an online speech for students on “The Meaning of the National Uprising of 1821.”

More than just a singular celebration, and indeed on the Bicentenary Anniversary of the Revolution of 1821, Prof. Pavlopoulos’ speech was a monumental lesson in history on these paramount events, the Greek nation’s struggle for liberation in 1821, the creation of the Modern Greek State in 1830 and the timeless significance of the national uprising throughout the Universe,

Following his lecture, Prof. Pavlopoulos spoke with the 15-Member Student Council Presidents of Athens College and Psychico College’s Junior High and High Schools and answered their questions.  Prof. Pavlopoulos’ heartfelt speech on the past, present and future of our Homeland sent strong messages and made us feel proud of our history and our identity. He highlighted the coordinates that Hellenism’s current role should play in the dialogue between peoples and cultures, particularly in the path towards European integration, as well as Hellenism’s place in the global community.

Athens College President, Prof. Costas Synolakis ΄75, who gave the prologue to Prof. Pavlopoulos’ speech, as well as the General Coordinator of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation’s School Units, Dr. Christos Papanikolaou ΄85, gave welcoming addresses at this event.

You can watch the entire event in the video below: