Info Session for Parents of 11th and 12th Grade General High School Students

Jul 23, 2021

Psychico, July 23, 2021

To the Parents of
Psychico College General High School
11th and 12th grade students

Dear Parents,

Kindly be informed that on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 there will be a meeting to inform you about: “The operation of Psychico College High School, the 11th and 12th grade Curricula, and the path leading to university acceptance both in Greece and abroad.”   

At the start of the school year, you will receive a letter informing you of the time and venue of the meeting, depending on the epidemiological situation and the relevant instructions from the National Public Health Organization (EODY) and Ministry of Education.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Panagiotis Giannoulatos
Psychico College
High School Director