IB DP_Yr1 parents - Reopening of School and Meeting with Teachers

Apr 9, 2021

To parents and guardians

of Year 1 students

of Psychico College International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme


Psychico, April 9th 2021

Dear Parents,



Following instructions from the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, teaching will resume for all students of Genikon Lykeion and Year 1 IB DP on school grounds as of Monday, April 12th 2021. Students will stop following the amended daily schedule designed for online teaching and will follow the timetable established on September 25th 2021 (attached). As term two tests are running at this period for Year 1 IB DP students, this schedule applies only to Greek Ministry classes.

In accordance with the letter sent to you on March 24th regarding on-site conduct of term two tests, students are required to be at school to take the tests according to their schedule and to attend Greek Ministry classes.  If you would like your son / daughter to leave school directly after the end of the tests / classes, please sign the attached form and send it to ibpc@athenscollege.edu.gr by early morning of Monday, April 12, 2021.  Students must present the signed consent form along with their Athens College ID or national ID card to leave campus.  Please note that the school provides students the opportunity to remain on campus and study for the duration of the regular school day. 

Year 1 IB DP students have been invited to an information session today, Friday April 9th, 15:00, regarding the procedures they will need to follow when arriving to School, locating their test rooms, and all procedures relating to on-site conduct of term tests.

Due to the transition to our previous timetable, as of Monday, April 12th 2021, telephone weekly communications with teachers are reactivated αnd weekly MS Teams continue (please find attached the schedules for both telephone and MS Teams contact hours). You can book your appointment with your children’s teachers from Saturday, April 10th, 08:00 onwards.  It is possible that some weekly parent-teacher meetings already booked will be affected; appointments that had already been booked for after April 12th will need to be rescheduled.

We pay particular attention to all measures of prevention and safeguarding of our school community. We thus request that you visit the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs website where information on prevention and protection from coronavirus can be found on reopening of High Schools, as well as on self-testing and issuing of the school card all students should always carry and show whenever asked. Our teachers will ensure safety measures are followed as specified by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

Please allow us to remind you that:

1.     All canteens and vending machines will operate on the basis of protocols set by the National Public Health Organisation and the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. Every vending site will be reached via pathways specifically marked and aimed at avoiding crowding.

2.     Specific pathways and exits will be used by each class in their own separate breaks depending on the floor of the Benakeion or IB Building they have had their lessons at.

3.     Students’ temperature will be measured daily.

Finally, due to the exceptional circumstances, the following precautionary measures have also been introduced to all School’s units, which will be reviewed based on the epidemiological data:

1.     Suspension of all evening and Saturday sports activities.

2.     Suspension of all evening face-to-face evening classes. As such no evening buses will run.

3.     Suspension of all swimming lessons during teaching hours.

4.     Online continuation of optional evening classes on their scheduled week days between 17:00-18:20.



We would like to inform you that online parent-teacher meetings for Year 1 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Greek Ministry classes (Greek Language, Greek Literature, Physical Education) will be held on Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 17:00-20:00 to discuss your child’s progress.

In order to schedule an appointment with your child’s teachers you will need to follow the same process as for booking a weekly appointment. The platform will be available to book appointments for that day between Thursday, April 15th 2021, 08:00 until Monday, April 19th 2021, 23:59. You will not be able to book an appointment for the particular day before or after this specified timeframe.

Please make a note that our systems for booking appointments will be unavailable between Wednesday, April 14th, 08:00 until Thursday, April 15th, 08:00 in order for us to schedule online meetings for the 21st of April.

We would like to note that online parent-teacher meetings on Wednesday, April 21st 2021 will take place via MS Teams as follows:

1.     Connect to MS Teams using your credentials.

2.     You will find on your left-hand side a list of your child’s teachers (as MS Groups) with which you have booked an appointment. At the time of the meeting you press Join to inform the teacher of your presence.

3.     The teacher accepts your call on the basis of the system’s list of scheduled appointments and commences your meeting.

4.     Every meeting will last a maximum of 5’.

If you face any issues with your MS Teams connection, please contact servicedesk@athenscollege.edu.gr.

Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you and our students health, safety, and progress.

Warm regards,


Panagiotis Giannoulatos

Director Private High School - Psychico College