Athens College Junior High Students Participate in 10th Online PSMUN Conference

Mar 8, 2021

The 10th Annual Platon School Model United Nations (PSMUN) was held online on March 5, 6 and 7, 2021. This year’s theme was “Climate Action.”

Each MUN conference is a unique experience that offers students from all over the world an opportunity to represent United Nations member states, to explore important issues, to play the role of ambassador, to join alliances, to discuss, to argue viewpoints, and to prepare resolutions.

Athens College was represented at the Conference by ten students who took on the role of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland delegates.  The Mission’s advisor was Martha Iliadou, a philologist of our School. Participation in Committees was as follows:

·     Andreas Papanastasiou, “Disarmament and International Security Committee” (GA1), whose overall presence earned him an “Honorable  Mention Award”,

·     Evaggelia Konstantoulaki, “Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee” (GA3),

·     Aggeliki Dapsi, the Mission’s Ambassador, “Special Political and Decolonization Committee” (GA4),

·     Iosif Koropoulis, Legal Committee (GA6),

·     Niki Xanthopoulou-Sisini, “Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), who presence also earned her an “Honorable Mention Award”,

·     Rita Ioannidi, “Environment Commission” (EC),

·     Anastasia Tamviskou, “Security Council” (SC),

·     Fragkiskos Emmanouil Kefalogiannis, “The Group of Twenty” (G20), whose overall presence distinguished and earned him an “Honorable  Mention Award”,

·     Mara Mprafa, “Commission on Science and Technology for Development” (CSTD),

·     Georgia Papaioannou, “Special Conference On Climate Action” (SPECON).