Update regarding Mathematics Competition “Thales”

Jan 8, 2021

Dear Parents,

Please be informed that the Hellenic Mathematical Society (H.M.S.) issued an announcement on January 5, 2021 regarding the mathematics competitions “THALES” and “EUCLIDES.”  According to the announcement, an additional “THALES” competition will be held on a date to be announcement as soon as developments in the pandemic allow.  Results from the “THALES” competition will be published as soon as the supplementary entries are marked/corrected. This having been completed, the competition “EUCLIDES” will follow.

Only students who initially registered to sit the competition and whose school unit was suspended on the day of the competition due to COVID-19 (Friday November 6, 2020) are eligible to participate in the additional “THALES” competition.  Those students’ details are registered with the H.M.S. 

You can access the relevant announcement (in Greek) on the following link: http://www.hms.gr/?q=node/1710


Nikoleta Kanelli
Psychico College
Junior High School Director