Pythagoras 2021 Mathematics Competition

Dec 18, 2020

To the Parents of Athens College
Junior High School students


Dear Parents,


We inform you that the 3rd annual Mathematics Competition “Pythagoras, organized by the Hellenic Mathematical Society (H.M.S.), will be held on Saturday, February 13, 2021.  The competition is open to students in Elementary School grade 2 through Junior High School grade 9.


The main objective of the competition is to expose students to aspects of mathematical thinking and to highlight Mathematics as a tool for everyday problem solving.  In this competition, questions will be organized according to the type of mathematical thinking and strategies that students have been asked to develop for problem solving.


This year in particular, due to prevailing conditions, the competition will be held online. On Saturday, February 13, 2021, children will enter a specially designed digital environment using a unique code that will be given to them during registration.  Then, within a specific timeframe, they will answer the 25 competition questions.  Once the duration of the competition is over, students will not be able to answer any more questions.


In order to compete, students must submit the participation fee of €10, which corresponds to an annual subscription to the H.M.S. magazine “Pythagoras,” by Thursday, February 4, 2021.  You will be informed in due course about ways to pay this fee.  In the meanwhile, if you wish to have your child participate in the “Pythagoras” competition, kindly complete the attached parental permission/participation form and return it to Ms. A. Agallou at [email protected].


Thank you.


Yours truly,


Vasiliki Tla
Athens College
Junior High School Director