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Project by Psychico College Junior High Students Recognized by UNESCO – Green Citizens

Apr 16, 2021

Sustainable Product Design, a project designed by Psychico College students during academic year 2012-13 was selected for inclusion in the 100 projects from around the world that UNESCO presents annually on its platform. Chosen by the UNESCO Green Citizens network, the project meets the following three criteria: it can be copied, it is innovative, and it can influence others.  UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS is a global campaign to strengthen local initiatives and promote local environmental projects on a global scale.

Since 2012, Junior High School students have been using the Design Cycle to create “green” products, taking into consideration the choice of materials, the environmental impact, and the energy required to manufacture and use these products. Through the MYP, this project has evolved into modules that promote the 17 UN sustainable development goals for 2030.  Among those are “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” whose objective was to design a sustainable bridge, “Sustainable Cities and Communities,” “Climate Action,” and “Affordable and Clean Energy” for which they designed sustainable buildings implementing bioclimatic architecture, as well as sustainability of cultural heritage by designing an ideal bedroom.