Alumni Parents Fund Drive

The Alumni Parents Fund Drive is part of the College’s Annual Fund. It is the annual fundraising effort by parents of College alumni/ae. For more than twenty years, Athens College parents have helped sustain the College experience for all students.

Alumni parents’ participation in this effort is important and represents a lifelong commitment to the School, reiterating the strong links with the members of the Athens College community.

The APFD, comprised of parents of Athens College alumni/ae, was established in 1999 as an outcome of their desire to maintain close ties with the School.

Alumni Parents make a difference.

Annual giving plays a crucial role in sustaining the College's renowned financial aid program.  Today, more than 20% of our student body receives financial aid, of which close to 50% is funded through gifts from members of the Athens College community. Collective participation empowers our students and future alumni.

Head: Epi Douma

Members: APFD is a rather informal group. Once the (youngest) child of a family graduates, parents automatically become members of the APFD, unless they opt-out. APFD members meet weekly on School premises to design and implement special events and other actions.

Main actions in support of the Annual Fund:

  • Disseminate Annual Fund appeals
  • Communicate with the other alumni parents (email, social media, calls, in person)
  • Organize and/or participate in the organization of special events, including the Christmas Bazaar, Elementary Schools Carnival Dance, concerts, theater plays and other cultural events in collaboration with cultural institutions or other organizations
  • Organize trips and excursions in Greece and abroad and guided tours with a fundraising component 

      Support the Alumni Parents Fund Drive

      You can support the work of the volunteer alumni parents by:

        • Joining them as a volunteer in carrying out their work
        • Spreading the word about the work that they do, sharing experiences and helping to encourage fellow College parents to join in supporting the School through giving time and resources
        • Making a gift to support the Annual Fund and/or to support the organization of the signature special events (Christmas Bazaar, Carnival Dance)
        • Participating in their activities as well as on/off campus special events they are organizing throughout the year
        • Supporting the organization of special events with monetary or in-kind gifts that offset organizational costs or add value to their efforts
        • Participating in the regular meetings of the APFD

        To learn more on how to get more involved with the Athens College Alumni Parents Fund Drive or if you are an alumnus/a parent and not receiving APFD communication or you would like to update your contact details, you may contact the Development Office at +30 210 6798217 or email [email protected].


          Mission statement

          The mission of the Athens College Alumni Parents Fund Drive is to ensure continuity of their commitment to the School and its mission, fostering community building among alumni parents, and keeping them close to the School and other members of the Athens College community, including parents, alumni, students, faculty and staff, friends. The Athens College Alumni Parents Fund Drive supports the Annual Fund and the Financial Aid Program, helping make sure that no student misses out on the Athens College groundbreaking education and unique life experience for financial reasons. 

          Special events


          Special events are functions or occasions which aim to generate funds for the Annual Fund. Special events are thus far organized by the Parents Fund Drive in collaboration and/or with the support of the Alumni Parents Fund Drives to support our students. Each year the College hosts two major special events on its campuses:


          Special events

          The Christmas Bazaar is the signature fundraising event, organized since 1981 during the first weekend of December. It constitutes the largest and most multidimensional School event, and the only one in which all of the seven school units participate. 

          After two months of intensive preparations, parents and alumni parents who work unceasingly in the six workshops create numerous original, handmade items. Over 250 volunteers contribute their valuable time, hundreds of supporters assist in its organization, and the entire College family promotes volunteerism in a festive atmosphere that honors and enhances the vision of the College’s founders, benefactors and major donors. More than 4.000 visitors from within the School community as well as greater Athens, together with the significant support from businesses and members of the College family, generate significant revenues for the Financial Aid Program. 

          The Elementary Schools Carnival Dance is organized by the Parents Fund Drive, with the support of both Elementary Schools, Athens College and Psychico College. The Dance brings together more than 1.000 elementary students in a one-day celebration full of fun and creative activities. It is supported by over 80 volunteers and counts numerous supporters, generating significant revenues for the Financial Aid Program. 

          Past Events