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We thank you for your support to our Athens College Junior High School students' initiative in the frame of their participation at the European CanSat Competition. CanSat is an initiative of the European Space Agency (ESA) that challenges students from all over Europe to build and launch a mini satellite the size of a soda can. In a structure of only 115 mm high and 66 mm in diameter, all the necessary systems for the operation of the device are integrated, as well as the sensors and everything else that is deemed necessary for the success of the mission. You may find out more here.

In November 2021, EASC entered the second phase of the Greek sub-competition, organized by SPIN-Space Innovation.  The winner of the Greek competition will qualify for the final phase of the European competition. The launch of CanSats in Greece (at 1000 meters high) is expected, according to SPIN planning, to take place on April 28, 2022. 

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The team

The EASC team consists of 6 students and a teacher. Below you may find the team members in alphabetical order, including their area of responsibility: 

Orestis Anagnostakis Flight engineer
Stelios Antoniadis Department of informatics, electronics, flight engineer
George Chainis Department of Public Relations
Dimitrios Chrysikos Scientific team, Public Relations
Nikolas Skevis Coordinator, scientific team, public relations
Vyronas Trikkalidis Department of Informatics, Electronics, Flight Engineer

Nikolaos Andrikopoulos Physics teacher, team leader

The team's mission and vision

EASC's mission is to build a CanSat that will  constitute a technology demonstrator for the use of small space devices in order to gather basic information about the atmosphere and surface of exoplanets. 

"Inspired by the Huygens mission to Titan, we envision a future in which missions to distant planets will bring with them small devices that will enter the atmospheres of the various planets, sending data about them to back to Earth. Thus, scientists will be able to consider whether it would be of scientific interest to organize a larger mission to these planets."

Through this effort, our students are also participating at our School's Annual Fund. After the needs of the project are met, the fundraising surplus will be donated in support of the Athens College Scholarship Program for Financial Aid to classmates and their families, as needed.

See more on the project needs here.

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