Participate at the Parents Senior Class Giving 2022. Collective participation is our strength.

Για να δείτε το κείμενο στα ελληνικά, παρακαλούμε πατήστε εδώ.

Athens College in collaboration with the Athens College High School and Psychico College High School & IB Parents' Associations, has inaugurated the Parents Senior Class Giving initiative so that we, the parents of Class of 2022, leave our legacy in honor of the graduating class, by supporting the Scholarship Program.

We have already secured a 3-year scholarship for a student with excellent academic performance, excellent behavior and financial need who will be entering A’ Lyceum in the next academic year and will be descending the steps of Benaki Hall in 2025, celebrating the 100 years since our School’s founding. Our effort is ongoing to secure one more scholarship!

Most importantly, we need to participate collectively, giving the example to our children. Participation is counted per student/family. We invite you to participate with as much as your family can give as well as motivate other parents and friends to support this initiative.

With your gift, you put your stamp on future Classes!

If you have already made a gift, we thank you on behalf of the College.

All donors are acknowledged upon donor consent irrespective of and without reference to gift amount within a special section on the Annual Fund Digital Donor Wall as well as in the annual Report on Giving

Please contact the Coordination Committee:

AC High School Parents' Association: Maria Stavraki-Doumanoglou (M: +30 6944673395), Elias Potamianos '81 (M: +30 6937064141), Eleni Stavropoulou-Chatzitsakou (M: +30 6977781889)
PC High School & IB Parents' Association: Fani Leventi-Amorginou (M: +30 6936984118), Magda Lekka-Kavrou (M: +30 6948747805), Katerina Patsadeli-Panousopoulou (M: +30 6946008800), Rita Pikrou-Moraitaki (M: +30 6936655259)
Parents Fund Drive: Lena Papagelaki-Beraha (M: +30 6945383883), Lena Kostaridi-Machaira '91γ (M: +30 6944566565)

Development Office
T: +30 210 6798217, 218

Athens College is one of Greece's premier Pre K-12 nonprofit educational institutions. Founded in 1925 by enlightened Greeks and supported by forward-thinking American philhellenes, Athens College currently educates more than 4,700 students equally divided between both genders. According to the School's longstanding tradition of giving, all funds are reinvested in serving the vision of its founders and its mission. Today, over 20% of the students attending the College receive financial aid (including Covid-19 relief). The parents of Athens College students have been longstanding supporters of the Scholarship Program.

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