From June 30 to July 16 on the College’s verdant hill in Kantza:

New clubs:

Paper stories

Pleated paper, crumpled paper, shards of paper, colored paper will become the material for three-dimensional stories.  Collages and constructions will become dreams and journeys.


Summer architects in action!  Through bibliography and digital images we will tour the neighborhoods of impressive architecture, buildings, classical and modern history and get inspired to create mock-ups.

Ceramics - Pottery

From the clay toys of past centuries to Picasso, we will travel through the ages, we will observe, we will become familiar with ceramic art techniques, and we will create!

Theater constructions

Let’s become directors, set designers.  Inspiration and creative action will captivate us!


How can a cardboard box become a hat or an old construction a piece of jewelry? Let’s experiment in a game of artistic disguises!


Sports Camp – Registration Form (in Greek)