Information regarding Reopening of High Schools on 4/12/2021

Apr 9, 2021

Psychico, April 9, 2021

To the Parents of
Athens College High School students

Dear Parents,

In view of the reopening of school units, please be informed of the following:


In accordance with directives from the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, all high school students will return to school for in-person classes on Monday, April 12, 2021.  The amended timetable designed for online teaching will cease and students will, instead, follow the timetable established on September 25th 2021 (attached). 

Due to the transition to our previous timetable, as of Monday, April 12, 2021, weekly telecommunication with teachers (both via telephone and via video conferencing on MS Team) will resume (schedules attached).  From Saturday, April 10, 08:00 onwards you can book appointments with your children’s teachers.

We stress the importance of all preventive and safety measures for our school community. We, therefore, request that you visit the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs website where the preventive and protective measures against coronavirus for the reopening of high schools, including self-testing and issuance of school cards that students must carry and show upon demand, are outlined. Teachers will ensure that safety measures are followed as specified by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

We remind you that:

1.  All canteens and vending machines will operate according to protocols set by the National Public Health Organization and the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

2.  Every class will have separate break times. Specific pathways, depending on the floor of their respective classroom in Benaki Hall, and different campus gates will be used to exit from the building/campus.

3.  Temperature testing of students will be conducted daily.


Lastly, due to the exceptional circumstances, the following precautionary measures have also been implemented in all school units, which will be assessed periodically based on the prevailing epidemiological data:

1.   Suspension of all late afternoon and Saturday sports activities.

2.   Suspension of all after-school classes. Therefore, no late afternoon school buses will run.

3.   Suspension of all swimming lessons during normal school hours.

4.   Continuation of online, optional after-school  classes on the scheduled days between 17:00-18:20.



We would like to inform you that on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 17:00-20:00 online parent-teacher conferences will be held to discuss your child’s progress. In order to schedule an appointment with your child’s teachers you will follow the same procedures as those to book a weekly appointment. The platform to book appointments for that day will be open from Thursday, April 15, 2021, 08:00 until Monday, April 19, 2021, 23:59.  After the deadline, you will be unable to schedule an appointment for that particular conference session. Please note that the online booking system will be disabled from Wednesday, April 14, 08:00 until Thursday, April 15, 08:00 in order to be updated for the April 21, 2021 parent-teacher conferences.

With regard to Parent-Teacher Conferences via MS Teams, the steps are as follows:

1.  Connect to MS Teams by entering your username and password.

2. Once connected, you will see a list of your child’s teachers (MS Groups) with whom you have booked appointments. At the scheduled time of the meeting, click on Join to inform the teacher of your presence.

3. The teacher accepts your invitation based on the system’s list of scheduled appointments and your meeting begins.

4. The maximum duration of each meeting is 5 minutes.

If you encounter any difficulty with your MS Teams connection, please contact [email protected]

Thank you for your continued cooperation. We wish you strength and to our students safety and good progress.


Christos I. Konstantopoulos
Athens College
High School Director