Athens College rigorously follows all measures dictated by official bodies.  Apart from these, however, the School has implemented and continues to implement additional measures aimed at preventing the spread of the new coronavirus. These measures are adjusted in accordance with new data arising from the pandemic, whilst maintaining an open line of communication with members of the College community on issues directly or indirectly related to this matter. 

Prior to the start of the academic year

  • Establishment of a HAEF Crisis Management Committee
  • Questionnaire sent to parents and assessment of needs
  • COVID molecular testing upon the return from summer holidays:
  1. Mandatory COVID universal molecular testing of all employees (~800 persons)
  2. Optional COVID molecular testing of students (~750 persons)

During the academic year

  • Molecular testing of students and employees who exhibit COVID related symptoms, at a preferential cost (the price quoted by the collaborating hospital stands)
  • Distribution of face masks to every student and employee
  • Continuous updates provided to students, parents and employees
  • Message from College President, Prof. Costas Synolakis
  • Relevant information sent from the School Administration
  • Speech by Dr. V. Papaevangelou, UoA Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases (09.12.2020)
  • Speech by Dr. P. Gargalianos, President of the Hellenic Society for Infectious Diseases (03.11.2020)
  • Speech by Dr. A. Makris, Head of HAEF Medical Services (03.09.2021)
  • Creation of a video related to the stigma associated with COVID_19
  • Creation of a special section on the College website with all the latest developments and measures

Before the start of the school day

  • Control of required vaccination/illness certificates or of State outlined diagnostic tests (2 tests per week for all students)
  • Temperature screening of everyone entering the College (school buses and campuses)
  • SMS reminders sent to parents to check their children for symptoms before leaving for school

During the school day

  • Daily reminders to students about basic protection measures
  • Stricter framework for the operation of the School’s Infirmaries/First Aid Stations and full compliance with EODY’s management principles of individuals with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the school units
  • Appointment of a COVID-19 administrator and deputy administrator in each school unit
  • Continuous vigilance to detect the first signs of COVID-19 compatible symptoms in students and employees
  • Immediate isolation and dismissal of symptomatic COVID-19 students and employees


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