Make someday... TODAY! Annual Fund Holiday 2020


You made someday... TODAY! Thank you.

Collective participation is our strength.

The tremendous outpouring of generosity of the Athens College family was inspiring. Within one month, 600 donors helped raise more than €100.000 to provide scholarships for 14 students. With your support, 12 senior students will walk down the steps of Benaki Hall at Commencement 2021 and 2 students will continue their studies at the College.

You light the way of our students’ paths.

You give them the opportunity to continue their studies at Athens College and benefit from the singular education it provides. You help to prepare them for life with the values and knowledge attained at the College. You enable them to experience the unique and powerful moment of graduation, engraved in the minds and hearts of all our alumni. Your act of solidarity makes a difference and sets an example for others to follow.

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Make someday... TODAY! There are only a few days left to support the Holiday Annual Fund 2020.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. In spite of the challenges you can still make a difference in the lives of deserving students.

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Here is a gift for you! Happy new year!

Thank you for your support. We wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday with this year’s Athens College holiday cards in both Greek and English. You may find images of our snowy campus in Psychico to remind you of the College and to use as the background for your online meetings and calls with colleagues, family and friends! Enjoy festive music from the Music Department and Conservatory.

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Make someday... TODAY! Light the way of our students' paths.

Let's light the way of our students' paths; down the steps of Benaki Hall and into the world for a brighter  tomorrow.  Every gift – of any size – matters. With the holidays around the corner, let us make a gift that will last a lifetime...  

Your support to the Annual Fund allows us to continue to honor our School's tradition of giving and solidarity.

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See the Annual Fund Holiday 2020 Digital Donor Wall here

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Message of Athens College President Professor Costas Synolakis '75

Dear members of the College family, 

In the holiday spirit of gratitude and goodwill that warms our hearts, I would like to warmly thank you all for your continuous support, especially during a challenging year like no other. This has been such a hard year to be an optimist but keeping the faith in our School's values and working hard to support it remains our utmost priority.

This past term, we have focused on keeping our community safe, on finding ways to safeguard the top-tier education that Athens College has to offer and to more effectively deliver it online.

Athens College is a nonprofit educational organization. Your support to the Athens College Annual Fund makes it possible for us to continue working towards our goals and honoring our School’s tradition of giving and solidarity by supporting our students. We believe that creating a more diverse community of learners helps to broaden students' minds, gives them the opportunity to test their assumptions and build bridges of communication and intercultural understanding.

These days, we would have been celebrating our School’s signature Christmas Bazaar embodying the College’s tradition of giving, volunteering and solidarity, bringing the College family together to support our students. As the Christmas Bazaar could not take place this year, we did not have the chance to exchange wishes while supporting our students. However, there are always ways to show our consideration.

Let’s all participate in supporting the Annual Fund today and light the way of our students’ paths. We aspire to see all of our students - with no exception – walk down the steps of Benaki Hall, a moment that defines our graduates, their families and the entire College family. To then see them reach heights of distinction across the globe in renowned universities in Greece, the United States, Great Britain and beyond and then to see them lead public life in our country and abroad faithful to the values attained as students at the College.

Every gift - of any size - matters. Let’s all participate with as much as each of us can give to make a difference in the lives of our students.

Let me convey my warmest wishes for the holiday season. May you stay strong, united and optimistic. Stay safe!

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Make someday… TODAY! Join us in keeping the spirit of our Christmas Bazaar alive by supporting our students.

These days, we would all be celebrating our School’s signature Christmas Bazaar. Although this is not possible this year, we can still be together in spirit through acts of kindness and generosity. We ask you to express your solidarity with our efforts to support our students though this challenging journey.

Let’s all participate with as much as each of us can give.

Collective participation is our strength. 

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See the Annual Fund Holiday 2020 Digital Donor Wall here

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