Make someday… TODAY! Join us in keeping the spirit of our Christmas Bazaar alive by supporting our students.

In these unusual times, we reminisce about the past, endure the present and look forward to a brighter future. Such times have always shown us the strength and resilience of Athens College as well as the determination of the College family to support one another.

Last year alone, we were able to offer some form of financial assistance to more than 1.000 students (including Covid-19 relief), almost 25% of our student body, of which 30% represents gifts from private donors. You, members of the College family, made this possible. Close by from afar, you showed students that you care about their future.

These days, we would all be celebrating our School’s signature Christmas Bazaar. We would be strolling together around the halls of our landmark Benaki building and cheering our students as they performed on stage in our full house School theater. We would be enjoying delicacies, fun activities and happenings and admiring unique handmade creations that were prepared with love and commitment by our volunteer parents, current and past, with the support by many of you, in honor of the College’s tradition of giving and service. Although this is not possible this year, we can still be together in spirit through acts of kindness and generosity.

We ask you to express your solidarity with our efforts to support our students though this challenging journey. Now is the time to step forward. You are a click away from making an impact!

Every gift - of any size - matters.
Let’s all participate with as much as each of us can give.
Collective participation is our strength and empowers our students.  

Let’s make someday… TODAY!

All our donors are acknowledged, upon donor consent, on our Annual Fund Holiday 2020 Digital Donor Wall! Acknowledgement includes full name and graduation year for alumni/ae. Gift amount is not made public.

Thank you for your support. Stay safe!
Our Development Office is a phone call or an email away.

Greece T: +30 210 6798217
USA Τ: +1 212 697 7071
Athens College is one of Greece's premier Pre K-12 independent nonprofit educational institution. Founded in 1925 by enlightened Greeks and supported by forward-thinking Americans, Athens College currently educates 4.804 students equally divided between both genders.

For gifts in the U.S. please note that the Trustees of Athens College in Greece is a U.S. nonprofit organization described in section 170(c)(2) and 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

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