SAT May 8, 2021 Announcement  

If you have registered to take the May 8 SAT exam, in order to be admitted you will be required to present a written and signed statement by a parent that verifies that you have been tested and are negative for COVID-19.  

Without it entrance to our campus will not be permitted.  

The testing must have been conducted within 24 hours before the SAT exam (if it is a self-test), or within 72 hours (if it is rapid test or PCR test).  

The form can be found here

In order to come to Athens College you will need a transportation permission form.  This can be found here

Masks must be worn at all times.  

Testing will take place in Capps Hall.
Entrance to campus will ONLY be from the gate on E. Benaki Street, opposite the Arsakeion and the Filothei Public High school.